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SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee


One of the best players to ever grace the game, and certainly the best emperor. lol He was loyal to anything he did and always fell through with it. Always helped the community and kept it active in whatever way he could. Was a great leader, a great player and above all a great person.


One of my closest alies. I will be forever greatful to Ty through my leadership years. A true friend


I figure I'll write a little about this guy seeing as he won't come to the site because of me or so I'm told.

I remember playing with Tyrlan several times in the GOR room. I actually recall several occasions when I had conversations with him over mic although he may not have realized it was me at the time. UDN in its newest generation had a scrimm with GOR which we won, but a fight broke out over playing cheap or something like that. This is the first time I saw Tyrlan over forums and as we all know he has a very unique way of speaking and looking at things. His posts were often times very well thought out and sometimes highly conflicting. This guy would pop up in a random flame war and try to settle things logically not siding either way. For many it would cause more problems and every now and again people would understand what he was saying.

I personally did not have a good streak with Tyrlan because these flame wars usually involved me. My opinions would beat head on to his and yes we both got rather fired up many times over that span of time we both played. I recall Tyrlan when talking to him his "younger" voice. I didn't even recognize it after I came back to the game. He might've hit puberty or something lol I dunno. I remember that Tyrlan kept a certain list of people's IP addresses and worked with people on catching smurfs or fake names.

I would say he had an interesting play style in the game. Mainly for the fact he played Dooku and the emperor so often. I can't make any comment on his raw skill because to be completely honest in those times I didn't take much note of it. I know he wasn't bad tho hehe. I remember seeing him around a lot more when GOR declared themselves allies of JOG. He also became owner on abyss chat ( I think he still is actually). Him and his forest looking avatar. I talked with him off and on and I had no problem with him just talking. He seems like a really nice guy. I learned that he was canadian which a lot of people joked about... a lot of players are actually canadian.

There was one final thing tho that made both of us go our ways, possibly the reason he doesn't want to even come here. I joined AoD conquest and we challenged GOR to an official match. The rules were set and we were good to go. I can't recall who played for GOR, but they had their best lineup... AoD did not even though it wasn't a big deal to us if we lost. I talked to Tyrlan once more and he didn't know I was there (he may still not know). We ended up being 2-1 AoD I believe. One thing that set him off I suppose was the fact that I headshotted Tyrlan with all his awards. He was capping bases like crazy one round. I joked about it which did not settle the mood.

The next round GOR spawncamped and used specials. They said not very nice things over mic to us which led to an automatic win for us. Afterward Tyrlan went onto the AoD chat and it exploded. It's probably the most epic flame war I've seen over a chat. That's the last time I talked to him.

The past is the past though and I choose not to live in it. Tyrlan truly is a good person and we all at one time or another had a temper over the game. I was at fault just as much as he was. If it weren't for me getting banned over abyss chat, I would've apologized. I just hope he sees it here.


Very under rated Tyrlan is. I think out of all of Gor's assault players over the last almost 7 years... NO ONE comes even remotely close to the fearsome beastly creature that Tyrlan is/was at this game. Yes Gor had a lot of decent jedi players over the years, and I'm not saying this to take anything away from anyone else from Gor... But Tyrlan was an absolute master of the game and I'd have a heart attack taking him down or just figuring out his haxx if he was bringing his A game.

Easily one of the very very best players of the last few years. This guy is one extremely intelligent individual and is perhaps the most witty person of this generation and the last person you wanna get in some type of flame war against!!!

Tylran has I think... Of today's players, whether it be on forums or in the game... The most fearsome presence you could run across. He earns and demands respect and if you don't respect em... Beware of his wrath In the past I personally developed a feud with him since me and him... Are absolute polar opposites in every single way possibly ever. But I would be an idiot to try to say, that because of some disagreements we had that he shoudn't be in the Hof. He is one of the most deserving members of this thing

He's also a very accomplished leader of Gor. He's one of the most effective clan leaders of the modern era.

Though apparently he's left the clan?? Well still not everyone wants to play the game/be part of everything that has to do with the game forever...


This guy was mature at 13 when he originally joined GOR. We have an age limit for joining and we generally don't allow people of this age to join but often we make an exception much to our dismay but clearly not in this case. He came on the scene and was very involved right from the get go. He used to annoy the hell out of me cause he kept switching characters and I'd be thinking why the hell is he using a Dooku? But there was clearly no stopping him and a clear method to his maddness as I watched him slowly get better at all characters. Then he started to dominate with the Emperor and I thought what? How's he doin that? Then he dominated with EVERY character. No matter what the situation, no matter what the character he'd manage to somehow pull a rabbit out his hat with each and every one. Then he dominated with no force (while we'd be using force). He'd go around and clobber us with a no force Ayla or Ki Adi. It was crazy. Nothing was beyond his grasp. I could see he was learning from other players and recognized their styles but there was clearly his own shit he was adding into the mix. Every time he played I'd have to think real hard (which I hate doin) if I wanted to even think of competing. He is/was amazing.

But as I saw him dominate the SWBF2 world I also noticed how his ego was in check. He was never cocky, he was never mean to anyone else, always willing to train and share his knowledge, always willing to help out anyone in any way, never lorded it over anyone. I thought who the hell is this guy? And all along he was intensely loyal to GOR. He had every right to join one of "the badass clans" but never did. He could have dominated if he had hooked up with some of the more heavy hitters of the game. It seems everyone when they get that good or even close to as good as he is always does this. But he didn't. Speaks to his loyalty, speaks to his honesty, speaks to his respect and ultimately speaks to his honor. Now let's not get crazy this is only a video game but I suspect that Tyrlan conducts himself this way in everything he does in life. I'd love to do a psychological study one day (perhaps with his help) on the different personalities of this game and try to understand why people excel and why others don't. To me the basic model for success in this game goes to the egotists who simply must excel at all costs. There seems to plenty of those on the game. Not all the heavy hitters are like that but most I'd say. Tyrlan is not. He is confident, no doubt, but an egotist? No way. He also sticks up for what I'd call the common man or underdog. His first trainee was this guy in our clan who was hopelessly (seemingly) awful at the game. Our policy for joining has always been if you're cool you can join and this guy was a super nice guy who just couldn't play the game. I saw this guy becoming incredibly good under Tyrlans tutelage. It was crazy. Believe me no other heavy hitter would ever in a million years take on this guy as an apprentice they just wouldn't have the patience. His apprentice to this day is a fantastic member of our clan and has remained a true pal to Tyrlan.

It was pretty obvious early on Tyrlan was going to become a leader in GOR. And he took to it quick and started organizing a lot of the stuff that we still use to this day. His brain is basically this huge computer and his ability to remember facts and figures is astounding. He became our head of security and believe me with all the dumbasses trying to join our clan under alias's (video game spies quite the profession) or idiots acting like fools in our servers or coming in under alias's (really, where did you all find the time) Tyrlan has an encyclopedic knowledge of IP's and for sure was the go to guy for the entire community if they wanted to know who was who. But his ability to be fair and just in this game and to try and find a real solution to the problems facing us was uncanny (I'm running out of adjectives). He was such a strong leader and I think he became a leader at 15 (which is our original age for joining GOR lol).

In my opinion Tyrlan is the greatest player to have EVER played this game. His strengths across the board in all characters is unprecedented. A guy who can dominate you with the Emperor! I remember for years people would laugh at anyone using the Emperor because it was always an easy kill. Not when he was coming after you. But truly his skills as a human being gives him an advantage over all of us. This guy is vastly intelligent and one day I fear we all will be working for him in one capacity or another. He has never let me down and I was astounded by this guy from early on and could not get over how mature and smart he was. He astounds me to this day.

Congratulations Tyrlan (if you ever read this lol) you above all others deserve this.....


when i came back last year tyrlan was the first gor person i encountered and didnt recognize the name. But i quickly learned just how good he was and why he's a leader of gor. Probally the best player GOR has ever produced. Many people give tyrlan the credit of keeping gor alive which shows his leadership ablilites.


tyrlan was unique, his style was unique, mastered every jedi character this game had to offer, been a leader of gor for as long as i can remember, was always active and breathed life into the game(before he got a ps3). and the list goes on


Tyrlan is definitely one hell of a player, with one of the most unique styles to ever grace this game. I know for a fact Tyrlan has always been one of the sole reasons GoR is still around and in order.

Other than the reasons stated above, that's really all I had to say..


Yes, Tireland is one of the best players to ever play this game. He just missed my top ten by the smallest of amounts and honestly probably should have made it. He is very deserving of the HoF and the only reason GoR became anything more than a joke to me.


The most efficient, amazingly creative/unique player this game has witnessed. He has close to no weakness in any aspect or with any character. Has led GOR with very little disputes for as long as I can remember.
Congrats on getting the most number of votes in the HoF so far. No wonder you have no foes.


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