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SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee


In short Jada was the founder of OES, former member of JSM,SDJ,JOG and UDN. Known for his great leadership abilites and phenomenal teamwork. A very wise teacher to many players


Lordjada was without a doubt the only reason OES was able to stay together at all. He was the man that kept all the big personalities in OES in check... To put it simply without Jada there would be no OES atleast at how we look at it today. As for Jadas skill, some may say it wasn't the best and others might defend him and say he was at that high level he needed to be at. either way it doesn't matter because in a match and with that OES bunch he knew EXACTLY where to position himself to make a big play for his team. LordJada is one of the best teammates to ever play this game...hands down. He's one of the players I try to model my playstyle around and try to imitate in matches. You can't ever understate what he did for OES or how important he was to that clan.


Alright, The Master of all the OES players. This guy as of Lak's words was the reason for this clan to stay standing on their feet, and how they improved so much during the time I would play with them in there locked servers. Great Leadership, Teamplay was Incredible! For offence he was Good..But a good friend also threw the years. He deserves it with all of what he has done for this clan, the sacrafices and for the community. YES for LORD JADA!!!
Or should I say Lord Roda!!


Now this happened 6 years ago so forgive me if I botched his "beginnings" But there was once a clan called Jsm in 2006. Jada was a member of that, and anyways when all the chaos happened with jsm and mr merging and then becoming Gor in Novemeber 2006... After all the others had went from Jsm into what is now Gor, Jada and Darth Schemo who were two of the last members of Jsm decided to make a "stoner clan", or so they told me when they 1st made Oes. Oes was originally just gonna be a clan of burnouts and pot heads they joked.

But over time Oes turned into a major force in Swbf2. It wasn't all full of itself like Jog /Dsa/Gor/Sdj or any other Jedi clan at the time rofl. (Yes everyone was dead serious about jedi back then). It was for the more laid back people who wanted to be part of a clan but didn't want all the clan drama horse shit I remember the Oes servers was one of my favs to play in in 2007 because I could go there and chill out and not hear people complaining about Mr Clean pulling the plug on Jog or Sdj being dicks or Gor Mr Psychopath rage at everyone or about how Ratix banned them...

But despite being more laid back Lord Jada Oes turned into one of the better assault clans of its time. It recruited some of the best players of that era and molded them into what they became. Lord Jada was a genius at leading a clan and it was thanks to him that the "stoner clan" became a big challenger to Jog/Sdj/Sor/Gor. Jada was actually more skilled then most, he surprised the hell outa me with how good he actually was. In a time when virtually no one could hold a candle to me Jada stood out like a man amongst boys against me.

Also Lord Jada's Oes was a big precursor to Lsj. Some of Oes's key members brang about Lsj. And todays peepz can kind of tell what Oes was like cuz Lsj conducts itself similarly.


yes he was a big time member of the 2006 to 2007 era of this game. And his legacy could be seen through clans that continued on after wards. I always respected what he was able to do as a clan leader and there is no doubt that oes was a major player in that era of the game. He was also pretty skilled for that time as well. He deserves to be a hall of famer!


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