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Post by Huey Freeman on Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:19 pm

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I say yes, Scarz was underated. Whenever I think of LSJ Scarz is always one of the first people that pop into my head other than Lak and Kratos.


I kinda agree with neji on this. To me lsj and all the important things lsj did was headed by Kratos and Lak, at the same time I knew full well scarz was right there with you guys. I think what hurts him is the shadow you guys casted basically. BUt I will say this, lsj is one of the 4 biggest clans to ever have played this game. And I do know scarz had a lot to do with that. I know he was also very skilled in playing, not as good as kratos or lak mind you but solid. I would vote yes because of his contribution to lsj, and for what lsj in return did for the game.

So yes


me and scarzy started around the same time. We were in both oes and udn together. i've played with him and against him many many times. always a really good player just over shadowed by others at times. scarz exceeds in the clan match scenario tho. Your always so worried about the top guy that you forget how good scarz is then he kills you. Always one of my good friends as well. I vote yes


BIG YES. Scarz was amazing in the battlefield, a player that has to be in this. Most people never saw Scarz when he was at his best. A player who joined UDN, while beating NerdVader like it was nothing. He is the one of the ppl who told me to join OES, after joining SDJ. Scarz is a force to reckowned with.


Scarz... Scarz has played a big role (or has been an integral part) of nearly all clans he has been in. Whether that be with the OES cape, the LSJ cape, etc. Yes, Scarz is most certainly overlooked when you have the big two in Kratos and LAK. However, his contributions to the clans he has been in can not be overlooked



I'm going to vote yes for Scarz. I know he is not the greatest player ever, but the dude has influenced a lot that has happened. He's been an integral part of a lot of the beasty clans from the game like Sdj/Oes/Udn and now Lsj. He earns his spot in my eyes not only from his heavy influence in clans/game "happenings"... But also from his persona. Hard to describe what I'm trying to say, but he just has one of those unforgettable personalities...


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