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My first run in with lak was during his time with oes when he was still new to the game. At that time oes and jog had just did a match in which we won but it was highly contested by oes members who said we cheated. I can not remember why they said that at the time, however this pissed us off enough to where we challenged them back to a match the follow weekend I think. The match happened on easter of 2007, in which would have myself clean and frantic ( in our last match together actually ) face off with oes. I believe oes had zarex, ( possibly superman) and lak. I think lak was in the first round. Its a long time ago so i don't remember all the details. Anyways jog won handily and oes wasn't around too much longer after that. I did not know lak personally in that match. However a bit later in 2007 towards the end of the year lak kept coming to me about wanting a 1 vs 1 against me. At this time I was basically done with doing 1 vs1's but he was good guy about it and so I believe it was some time in december of that year I finally granted it. I won but I could definatly tell lak was an up and coming player. To me that was at the time going to be my last 1 vs 1 match. That was actually a bad thing for me because without doing the 1 vs1s I kinda stood the same while everyone else continued to grow. Also at that time most of that generation of players thought the game was over. Most clans were moving to next gen and those that were left behind were really not the main members of the game for the past few years. Hence why i think you saw a period of time in which there were alot of clans and not many major ones.

By the time I came back to the game along with jog ( just playing for fun now) in june of 2008, LSJ had been created. Lsj was the new big clan on the block with fog. At first JOG and LSJ were friendly and I found myself playing with lak and kratos a lot. It was fun. However as lsj kinda came into being as a major player, I think it found that they needed to have some sort of validation from JOG that they were indeed on that level or at least a clan on the level with those from the golden era of the game. Sadly for them JOG maintained its neutral stance for a good year. This I know angered lsj and others in the community. I don't think they understood our side of it and we just treated them like little kids ( as a clan) In the end they were essential to JOG's continual existence even though I don't know if we truly understood that at the time.

There were a lot of heated moments between the two sides. Some good ones, some not so good ones ( in which I know the outside world kinda came into play) however it slowly died out and we just kinda moved on. Slowly the tensions between the clans thawed for a bit as a mutual respect came into play. By early 2011 lsj was not nearly active as it once had been and lak played for jog for a few months. I enjoyed this time playing, learning and having lak help jog grow into the new era that was needed here. I thank him wholeheartedly for this and I am glad he spent some time with us.

He went back to lsj soon after and jog came back on to the scene as a fully active unit again in april of 2011. LSJ and JOG would go on to play many battles together, one having a lot of drama to it which was great for the game. Soon after though I think we all knew that that summer was truly the games last hoorah. I think you can tell by this summer that the game is no longer going to ever be truly the same.

I know this is a lot of back story to both lsj / jog history, and the reason why post this under lak bio is because without him and kratos and their interactions with jog, jog couldn't have gotten to where it was in 2011 and now. I worked more with lak and was closer to lak so I feel it to be deserving that this respect of saying thank you for all you guys did for the game and jog be under him from me. Kratos is just as well deserving of it. Just I post it here.

I don't pretend to know enough about their personal game history to post that here, just thank you for your contributions to this game and to all of us.


"I didn't ever doubt Lakky would go into the Hof. He's one of those couple guys who'd be part of that for sure. Lak might not go down as the greatest player ever (He's not far off though) but he more then makes up for it with his contributions. I've seen this guy evolve from just an average Oes member to one of the most respected people in the community. He's one of those rare links to the time in the game that came before, someone who's both "old school" and "new school".

He's stood the test of time, and without em there might not have been Lsj... A clan that has dominated Jedi since its creation. I think Lsj has a good chance as being remembered as the best assault clan ever, and that's thanks to Lak's leadership. Also, he's helped make Lsj a very respectable clan that doesn't shit on people. I also givem points for that, being a good clan means more then just dominating the game.

It also doesn't hurt that he's the coolest funniest motherfucker you could ever come across Of all the people I can actually vote for... (Since I can't vote yes/no for Jog members) If I only had to pick one... It'd be the Lakster "

And I'm gonna add a little bit onto what I stated when voting... I meant everything I said about him and this Hall of Fame would be incomplete without em.


This fellow used to bug me to no end and not even need to speak! (I am over it now) Hahaha but his abilities are undeniable. As Jeff said, together with Kratos they create a talented duo capable of taking on anyone. His accomplishments in LSJ speak for themselves. A contender all across the board, probably one of the best teammates in this game.


I've known lak basically since he first started, and he has turned out to be a much better player and leader then i ever expected. LSJ was one of the most important clans in keeping this game alive the past couple years. I vote yes


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