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Post by Huey Freeman on Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:09 pm

SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee


Ever since the launch of the new school generation Mystery has been one of those guys that sat on top. He was an extremely fast player with a lot of knowledge of ramps and other techniques. He was incredible at applying them to in-game situations and always had his resources for survival and kills. He was one of the players that always impressed me and influenced me to get better. We used to do daily 1v1's all the time iirc before we both hit top level. Good times.


Much like Blade, Ninja is very much so a mercenary. He has never stayed put in any one clan, infact, I can't really say whether or not Ninja is vVv, or JOG, or GOR, or SOR, or SDJ, etc. His skill is obviously beyond measure. The guy is an aboslute natural talent that has been around this game for quite some time (he was in SOR with me!). While some may disclude him because of his clan hopping, I am going to overlook that simply because Ninja can change the DNA structure of a team and make your clan a threat with his presence alone. He hasn't really contributed a lot to the community in terms of drama, arguments, posts, etc... But in my mind, he doesn't need to, his skill is just so great that it overshadows those things. I can't count the number of times JOG/vVv/SOR/etc would try and get this guy on their team simply because of the game changing abilities he possesses. He just instantly makes your team better


At any rate, this kid is GOOD, always has been a very good player, whether with a team or a lone against the odds, he always pulls through. He's been with this game for a long while and I say he definitely deserves a spot.


Over time as I have gotten to know ninja from his time here at JOG, I grew to like him. I have seen him be immature and a clan hopper. I think he would have stuck it out here at jog had we not retired last year. His skill is far too good not to include him. And the idea of a clan hopper to me isn't good enough to exclude someone. If neji had never found a home at jog but kept moving from clan to clan his skill level alone would get him into the hall. I think ninja although not as great as neji in skill is far beyond many others and deserves his place in the hall. I also think given the right opportunity like neji had at one point, he would be an absolute mainstay for any clan. He is most known as a vvv player ( at least for time spent in one clan)


Although he was in different clans i think the most impact he made in my opinion was during his time in vvv. wherever he was there was competition, he would always ask for 1v1s or matches/scrims no matter what clan he was in. He was the type of guy that you either wanted to beat or wanted on your team. also a guy you can talk to now, his attitude has cooled down. even if we were talking just about skill i still think hes worthy of being in the Hall Of Fame. i dont know much about him from SDJ or his other past clans but what i do know about him with my time here is more then enough for him to being inducted.


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