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Mephiles The Dark

Post by Huey Freeman on Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:57 pm

SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee

Mephiles The Dark

Ever since the dawn of SWBF2 I have always heard things about Meph that were always impressive. From his variety of playing styles, to his ability to mod The Abyss, Meph has always been a talented individual when it came to this game. He has definitely earned this spot here in the HoF and as much as he does not want to be here , I believe that there is a little part inside him that always knew he would be.

Congratulations Mephiles The Dark. You have earned this spot.

-See No Evil

Dude, all I can say is Thank you for your servers that brought life to this game and are a meeting place to many Jedi's from everywhere, First server i joined was The Abyss....Lol Man you are a great person as well! respectful and a true leader...Well deserved!


But I think that Meph has been misunderstood a lot and has received a lot of undeserved ire (dislike) from people. He's a very likeable guy if you can get past his sort of... Well, I don't know how to describe it. But let me put it this way, I might seem VERY STRANGE to anyone who don't know me too well. I am VERY over the top at how I present myself over the internet. But beneath that flamboyant exterior, there is a very normal person. I mean, in real life; I don't act like I do... On the internet

Mephiles... Is not only not near as over the top, as I come off across the internet... But is even much more normal then me: In real life, I think.

I might edit that, in an attempt to make more sense when I sober up. But the message remains the same.

And by the way Meph, thank you... For busting your ass to keep this game alive. A game that I loved so much.

Meph, your one of the very few people who I wish I could have gotten to know better. I mean, out of all of the personalities from the game that I never really ran into.


This game would be no where close to what it is now without Mephiles (saying your name right because honestly, you deserve it ). You are one of the few people who have changed this game drastically. And I thank you for all you have put into this game, and it will never go unnoticed and without thanks.


I think The Abyss is a huge part of the games history, starting from the middle era of the game to this day. It centralized a group of players into a community. being that clans were not as important at that time it became the hub for all activity for many. Obviously all places have their issues, like all clans sites have too. The Abyss was no worse nor no better than any fully active site. You had players who talked hate there, love for others, love for the game etc etc etc all the things you want from a fully active site.

I think the server albeit horrible at times with administration ( again something that can be leveled at any clan server at one point or another) served as a fun server most of the time to be in.

I will say my favorite thing done though by Meph were all the extras on the server, such as the extended maps and different planets for Jedi.

Whether we have had issues or he with jog or jog with him I have always respected what he with others were able to accomplish and it has helped fuel the game for these past years.

Thank you so much for what you have help accomplish for this game Meph, you do deserve to be here!!!


Has been the controlling power of this game for several years now... A very skilled player and is respected by many in the community. He's definitely made a difference.


Made a huge impact on the second half of the game with the Abyss server. Without his contributions, the game may not be alive today...


Meph was the guy who kept the game alive and active for a really long time, if it wasn't for his famous server and famous site the community wouldn't be as strong as it is today. Plus he's a pretty solid player, could hold his own against a lot of people in public servers. Meph deserves a lot of credit for what he does. He should already have a reserved spot in the Hall of Fame if it was up to me


This is going to be biased coming from me especially since i am close to Mephiles aka Jman aka Ovan the Wanderer as he goes by now. Any who, Jman has done a lot for the community than many people here. He pretty much changed the game with the mods he came up with through his creative mind and helped bring a fun aspect to it through his 3 servers that he provides for public use and private use if needed. Jman never did any of this for personal gain, he did it for the community. Some hated the mods while others loved it, but even with that, people still came to the servers and The Abyss being his main server is the most popular assault server around.

He is also very skillful which he doesn't think he is but he is. Very excellent maul, one of the best i have seen around. He is very smart at how he plays, picking and choosing the right moments to strike which makes him deadly. He doesn't do much of the 1v1s or scrims anymore but if he did, u would want him on your team, I know I would.

He is pretty much the first person i saw on this game when i joined a Jedi server. And ever since then, he is been one of my best buddies on this game and i am glad i got to meet him. He gets a yes, and if someone says no to him, get ready fo some hurtin.


Mephiles, better known as Jman, has been my best friend for years. We have made/lead various clans together, such as: JSA, SIN, FOX, DsX(was a ringer), Famous(also a ringer), etc.

In a sense, I helped discover Jman. I showed him where to go and he excelled. The Abyss Server you see now? That used to be the SIN server, That me, Jman, and Lovebattery founded. Also, I helped "train" Jman, by showing him moves, and just by playing with him.

Jman, and myself, have never lost a 2v2 match. We've beaten the almighty combo of Lak/Kratos and even Neji/Excillas.

Jman controls this game now. If he is on game, EVERYONE gets in the Abyss. His site, despite being affiliated with no clan, is always active. He's taken over the swbf2 community and has kept this game alive

He is a genius and has invented some pretty incredible mods. He is an incredible player(despite what he says about himself). Jman is probably the fastest learner I've ever seen. He is also the most aggressive player. He is probably the best Maul of all time, and has changed the way Maul is played, but not only is he outstanding as Darth Maul, he also excels at every character. During our 2v2's he always ended up playing as the choker.

Jman has (in my opinion) effected this game more then anyone. He's completely changed the way the game is played. If it's not his mods, it's the way he plays the game, the way he has kept a non-affiliated clan server, as the most active Jedi server for years, his whole attitude on how things should be run. He isn't scared or intimidated by JOG(or any other clan) He's not afraid to boot ANYONE for rule breaking(he's booted and banned me by the way). He is the most fair admin, and is always watching everything. Never has there been such a person, so dedicated to his community(despite what he says).

In the list of hall of fame, he should be number 1.

-Devil Wing

Without Mephiles, the second half of this game would not have been as lively. The Abyss site, and server provided a much needed spark to the community


He holds a low view of himself and his skills and usually remains silent on political issues. I think these things play a big part in why he is often overlooked. Tell me who doesn't respect his Maul? Maybe a better question is... is there even a better Maul? He's not a one hit wonder with Maul however, because I think we can all testify to the fact of his craftiness of mind even as a hero. He is just a smart, unorthodox, team-oriented player. Of course he has had the most popular server for like 4 years now... in which that site and server has done many things in service of the community. Who else can claim that? I like him cause he doesn't tend to make waves, he is (usually) fair to people on his site and server, and has his own, personal, powerful playstyle which he is often selfless with. If he truly soaked himself into the competitive side of this game I think he would do quite well.


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