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Post by {GOR.666}Dagen on Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:27 am

So apparently in a half of a match I get admin pulled for makin the players follow the rules. I'm well aware of my skill level and understand that there are many better players out there, however, to go 1-8 at the start due to players kill stealing, unnecessary pushing, spawncamping, etc... hell I was gettin killed by MY team more than theirs. It's not going to set the mood right. EVERY ONE OF YOU that was booted and or banned are regulars in the server. And thus well aware of the rules. So when someone like Legacy wants to question why he was booted (all the while knowing exactly what he did) I'll do exactly like I did...Issue one general warning to the server and boot or ban as needed. to throw a few more names out there of rulebreakers that are well aware of why the got kicked...Mimmi=spawncamping, Fierce=spawnsamping, Bass Lure=spawncamping/team killing, Jeditariq=killstealing/team killing, Steffan=Spawncamping, Bubba=spawncamping (tho he wasn't booted but was about to be till admin was pulled) I know theres a couple more but can't remember as I had to boot one right after another cause mainly they wanted to go in the other teams spawn after repeated warnings. With a start like that puttin me in a bad mood then just tired of peoples douchebaggery Along with some 5 WARNINGS ABOUT OPPOSING TEAMS SPAWNS yeah I'm a just start bootin anyone i see in the opposing teams spawn. Don't like it? THEN FOLLOW THE RULES, it's that simple. Thing is if you are a regular, it doesn't matter what name you shows in your style of play. Tho I'm pretty distraught as to having admin pulled for making people follow the rules. (which by the way I didn't make...I just enforce) So why is it again that I even have admin when arguably I'm the one of the more fair n tolerant admins for that server? Generally I tend to let it ride just to keep people in the server. Unlike others I've seen that seemingly just boot and or ban cause they get killed over n over again. Oh n the next time I actually gotta sit n just watch all the while crouched as to show I'm inactive...yeah I'll boot the person that kills me too...Can't remember who it was but yeah you got the boot for it. And I know I'm not the only one who will as I've personally seen it done by others most recent being Neji yesterday I believe. But whatever, I'm bout to snap this disc in half cause theres only a handful of players out there that follows the rules. Most don't till an admin is watching...and even then they wanna push the bounds. Oh yeah and as always I never issue warnings for glitchers...obviously you're not supposed to do it so why warn them.

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